The web site: (hereinafter "Web Site") is a web site owned by The Forge Garage, SCP (hereinafter "GLF"), established in c /. Ferreira, 22, 08014 Barcelona, CIF G-60614773, through which customers of the same (hereinafter "Customers") can access information on formalization of bookings for stays of parking offered by GLF.

To use this site by the Customer, it expressly accepts fully and without reservation to all and each of the General Conditions in the version published by GLF at the time at which the Customer accesses this Web Site. Therefore, the Customer must read the General Conditions in each of the occasions on which it intends to use the Web Site, given that they may have suffered changes since the last time I agreed. The reserve or order by the Customer implies acceptance of these Conditions.

The Client declares that he is of age of majority and have the legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the Web Site of GLF.


This parking regulates their commercial activity in accordance with Law 40/2002 of November 14, regulating the parking of vehicles contract and the terms and conditions contained in these General Rules. By entering a vehicle or on foot at this establishment implies the acceptance of these regulations.

2.- STAY

On this parking, the vehicles under stay will have a variable place forever in the location indicated by an employee.

Customer must present the document certifying the reservation to the employee of the garage and leave the keys to the employee once parked vehicle in order to move in case of force majeure.

Payment is required prior to pickup. Once you have paid the price, you have 5 minutes to leave the parking lot.

It is essential the presentation of the ticket or justification to collect the vehicle, otherwise, you must prove ownership of the vehicle using ID or passport and documentation.


3.1 - Customer will be given the ticket to entry that will not ever inside the vehicle. The ticket includes the following:

The day and time of entry.

Vehicle identification: Tuition

It is essential the presentation of the ticket or justification to collect the vehicle, otherwise, you must prove ownership of the vehicle using ID or passport and documentation.

3.2 –In the event of loss of parking ticket, after identifying as the owner of the vehicle, the customer must pay the cost of an extra stay to remove your car from the parking.


4.1 - Customers generally comply with the signals of entry, output and control set out in garage.

4.2 - Customers must observe the signals and, where appropriate, indications of the employees to always will prevail over any existing signaling.


5.1 - Driving all vehicles at moderate speed to a maximum of 10 km. hour. When starting or leaving a seat will not heat the car in the place. Only keep the vehicles with the engine running, when driving or during the maneuvers of entry or exit of your parking space. Never while are parked.

5.2 - The vehicles driving when using the reverse gear only in the parking maneuvers.


6.1 - When you park your vehicle in a place of this garage, you are expressly accepting the conclusion of a contract for parking is for the sole purpose or object parking your vehicle for a time, for a price.

6.2 - In the foregoing, it is completely forbidden to use the place for any other purpose than the mere occupation of the same for the parking of the vehicle, or occupy or use for any purpose the vehicle while it is parked. Specifically, it is prohibited:

a) Remain on the premises longer than necessary for the normal use of the service.

b) Make repair or cleaning works.

c) Customers move or manipulate other customers vehicles.

d) Leave the premises, inside or outside the vehicles, equipment, dangerous objects or animals.

e) Meetings, sales, collections, delivering to other customers or placed flyers on cars.

f) Smoking in the parking, causing flames and manipulate electronic devices.


a) Locked vehicles located in places marked, leaving them parked and stopped. Close the windows and, if possible,

b) Disconnect the battery.

c)Do not leave objects of any value in the vehicles.

d) Do not drive in "neutral"

e) To drive using the vehicle lights.

f) Give priority to vehicles that are making parking maneuvers.


8.1 - The owner of the parking is only liable for damages that may occur to the vehicle and fix accessories of the same, being parked in a place and provided that they are legally attributable to the company or its employees.

8.2 – This parking NOT has the special custody service for fixed and removable accessories of the vehicle.

8.3 – The Customer is responsible, from the company and other customersfor the damages and losses caused by breach of duty or incompetence in running the vehicle into the garage or parking grounds (art. 5.2. Law 40/2002).


In case of failure the customer be contacted with the employees and follow its instructions.

In general, front any doubt or eventuality, the Customer will be directed to employees of the garage or parking.



The formalization of the contract between company and customer through telematic reserve will always refer to a specific vehicle, that will consist of the mark and tuition on receipts, not being authorized to occupy the client, alternatively, its place with any other vehicle other than that for you've hired the place or motorcycle, nor any other object within the limits of the place (eg, trailers or other items).

The purchase of any product or service offered by GLF will be effective only in the moment of GLF made the total valid charge ​​in a credit card until such time provided may cancel your reservation or order from GLF.

Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and American Express for the formalization of stays and taxi online bookings. All payments caused by the difference in excess of the contracted time in the online booking and the real time can be paid in cash or by credit card.

The respect of the payment period is essential for the development of the operation contract. GLF, can freely suspend the order or reservation, and even cancel the reservation if it is impossible or inconvenient to keep it in force until full payment of the order or reservation.

GLF will have, against anyone, lien on the vehicle as security for payment of parking fee, using the protocol set out in Article 71 of the text articles of the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic and Road Safety when a vehicle remains parked continuously in the same parking place for a period longer than six months so that its abandonment is presumed rationally, either by their own state, the damage you have and make it impossible to displacement by own means, not having license plates or, more generally, by those outward signs that suggest a lack of owner interest in their use.

In this garage-parking services NOT are provided special storage facilities owned or accessories so customers must remove their vehicles while they are parked at this location.

The subscriber is staying or parking have at all times, the variable place


Customer parking is defined as one whose period reserved is less than 8 hours. The pricing will be at € 0.058 / minute during the first two hours and € 0.0464 / minute from the third (VAT included).

Those stay customers whose period reserved exceeds the contracted not exceeding 8 hours will be treated as Customer Parking. If time is longer than 8 hours and less than 24 hours will be charged to the regime of a stay. Consequently, every 8 hours exceeded involves a stay with duration of 24 hours while the vehicle is removed before this period.


Once in the parking lot and whenever they wanted to hire more of the reserved stays, go to the employee in the same to request availability.

Consumer Rights: In accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of Decree 168/1994, of May 30 of the Rules of ....; the consumers who make reservations or buy products through the Web Site of GLF may modify or withdraw its reservation entitled to payment of the amounts paid no additional charge up to a week before the reservation contract. Otherwise, do not accept any return.


GLF reserves the right to update, modify or delete the contents of the "Web Site" or limit their access temporarily or permanently without notice.

GLF is not responsible for any consequences or damages that may result from access or use of its "Web Site" and, most especially, the content of third party web pages to be accessible through the "Web Site" of GLF.

GLF is not responsible for possible security errors that could arise from the use of computers infected with viruses.

All content on the "Web Site" is owned and protected GLF and recognized nationally and internationally. It is not, therefore, permitted to reproduce, copy, use, distribution, trading or other manipulative activities of the same, without the express permission of GLF. Misuse will be punished by law.

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GLF guarantees its customers, clients, suppliers and employees to comply with Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, which has observed the security measures required by the laws and regulations designed to preserve the secret, confidentiality and integrity in the processing of personal data.

These data will be used in the manner and with the limitations and rights granted by the Data Protection Act. The goal of treatment is to perform the proper management of the reserves of parking spaces "stays", taxi services and activities it organizes.

The files and personal data has been properly registered with the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency for Data Protection).

GLF agrees to keep the strictest secret and confidential information of the personal data that is no longer available to assign to third parties.

If you wish to exercise their right to access information about their personal data submitted to treatment, and the rectification, opposition and / or deletion of data in the terms of the legislation by writing to:

c/ Ferreria, 22.
08014 Barcelona.


These conditions are subject to the Catalan jurisdiction and contracts shall be held at the place where lies the head office of GLF. Shall have jurisdiction of any litigation arising from the conditions of the law courts established by general or special rules for determining the competition. If any provision in this contract is declared by a court to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder thereof shall not be affected.

Given discrepancies between this translation, and the original version in Spanish and other translations, always prevail as indicated in the original Spanish version.